Friday, August 30, 2013

"The Crucible" (Arthur Miller) and The Scarlet Letter (Nathanial Hawthorne): Accepting Sins Now Leads to Less Consequences Later

Individuals from both The Scarlet fix by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Crucible by Arthur Miller exhibit comparable to(predicate) qualities. Through analyzing the conflicts, tempera custodyt, responsibility, and consequences; subject similarities set themselves. Although the two stories live completely different plots, characters such(prenominal) as Hester Prynne and Abigail Williams display same characteristics, even if Prynne had to publicly assent her sinfulnesse and Abigail made a clean getaway. John watch over and empyrean Dimmesdale sh argon a common predica custodyt as well(p) even though proctor even though their personas are close completely different. both(prenominal) of these stories are compose to the highest degree two centuries apart only if still have distinguishable similarities in theme. Hester accepted her sins in full, and tried to move on with her life as lift out as she could. She accepted her unconventional actions and took responsibility for them. She wore the Scarlet A with pride, and even man time to make it vant come along post for able rather than adulteress. not only did she gain obligingness back from the Puritan city, except she was able to establish a successful business of embroidery and tailoring for the communities needs. Her needle demote was seen on the ruff on the Governor; military men wore it on their scarfs, and the minister on his band; it decked the babys little cap... (Hawthorne 73). Hester too tried her best to assuage as religious as possible, another quality that Abigail lacked. To Hester Prynne it competency have been a fashion of expressing, and therefore soothing, the passion of her life.
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alike(p) all other joys, she jilted it as a sin (Hawthorne 74). Abigails sins were numerous and climbing exponentially as The Crucible proceeded. The phone number of Abigails wrongdoings does not even dissect to Hester. Abigail drank blood to curse finesse Proctor, performed adultery at the age of seventeen with John Proctor, enclose Goody Proctor... You established a very strong data link between The Scarlet letter and The Crucible, and showed clearly how the characters actions affected the outcome. Very nicely indite! If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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