Saturday, December 21, 2013

Acc 349 Week 3

Managerial Analysis ACC/349 Non-Value & Value Added Activities This week our team up is essential to mull on the topics in which we are equated with and topics that we whitethorn baffle found to be complicated to understand. Also aggroup B will show how the imagination would be implement in each of our jobs fields. team up B has chosen to reflect on Non-Value added and Value-adding Activities. Team B will be pointing step up the splendor of the two concepts and how they are used by companies. Team B will show the difference of the two concept and withal show the importance the concept have to managers in their twenty-four hours to day diction making of the corporation. Non-Value Added Activities Non-Value-Added activities are actions or operate that do non add any value to a societys profits and sales or profit to the customers. Non-Value-Added actions are services that the company has to pay for. Although such activities do not bring in revenue, i t helps the company discharge condescend daily operations and, at times, coincides with the value-added activities. Examples of non-value-added activities are copying and memoir paperwork. Although copying and filing may seem to be a small task, the company pays a salary for services rendered by the company employees or temporary employees from an agency.
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Another example of a non-value-added activity is building maintenance services performed by the facilities department. Cleaning, repairing, and cafeteria comestible services do not partake in company profitability, but the company has to pay for such services as well as materials used to perform the services. Materials such as mop s, restroom items, parts used for repair, an! d buying food fiscal value the company money, in addition to salaries for the employees that perform the services. Although non-value-added activities do not bring in revenue, it is essential to keep business organization running. Non-value-added activities perform the background work for the value-added activities. Value-Added Activities Companies...If you want to get a full moon essay, order it on our website:

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