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SEQ CHAPTER \h 1The the Statesn ExperiencebySTUDENT NAME HEREThe United States of the States has always contracted to be a land of liberty , par , and opportunity . This claim , during its short narrative , brought legion(predicate) a nonher(prenominal) commonwealth to its shores quest a unseasoned life w present they could enjoy any of the benefits of being an American . Through reveal American history on that point has been many groups of muckle who have travel along together to stimulate the tender nation , mass of on the whole diverse races ethnicities , and devotions . comely as every American was inverse from the other in many ways , so were their experiences in the smart instauration . The first Europeans to come to America fructify a human race without any social building and completely different from the angiotensin-converting enzyme they had known in England . The Native Americans who were hither long earlier European settlework forcet were treated as a evil . Women , for example , had it difficult right from the showtime and continued to effort for equal footing for many centuries . African-Americans did not come to American shores of their own free will more thanover were instead brought here into slavery and kept down as second clear citizens until well into the 20th century some other groups of people who became Americans had other experiences When examining their experiences in light of the root that America was presented as a land of equation , freedom , and opportunity it becomes an arouse study of how , in one population , so many different people could have so many different types of experiences , all while sharing the bankers bill of being an AmericanWithout the stretch of the English in America in the 1600 s there would be no discussion about the New World or even a United States in existen! ce .
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The British had a strong seafaring custom because of their geographic mend as an island and during the Age of Exploration many European groups were out seeking areas to colonize for their natural resources and to a fault , as in the case of England , because of the overcrowding in their own country . These initial settlers were more or less all men at first , with women following adjacent behind , and many of them would come to America because of the promise of a better in store(predicate) . An example of this is the Puritans , who left England to go to America in hopes they could turn up a place where they could manage their religion freely . They did settle what they were look ing for in New England , and open societies where they could freely practice their religion and create a new world . They came seeking freedom opportunity , and equality and found it . Others , like the indenture servants who left England for various reasons , had a harder cartridge holder conclusion their place in the new society . As the American Revolution approached and the United States separated from England the roles of many different people became more clearly defined in the new burgeoning American culture . The one group whose experience as Americans was more clearly shaped by the ideals of freedom , equality , and opportunity...If you pauperism to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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