Sunday, December 29, 2013

How does William Wordsworth's poetry fit into the literary tradition of Romanticism?

romanticist rhyme was an artistic movement of the late eighteenth and early 19th century. It dealt with character, human imagination, childhood and the ability to disclaim wound up memories of both happiness and sadness. in the first place Wordsworth began physical composition his subverter newfound style of poetry, any preceding poetry had a very different style. The antecedent these poems were classed as revolutionary was because he believed that amorous poetry should describe incidents of common career and run-of-the-mill throng and were written in deliberately homely words. It was what Wordsworth called The real wording of men. Before this style of writing, all poems were safe about important things and people. They were written about Kings, queen and Gods. All poems were of a formal nature and of epic proportions. Before Wordsworth, poets didnt believe that common people were heartfelt enough to stupefy a poem written about them. We bring down Wordsworths R omantic style and the inclusion of memories, imagination, human feelings and ordinary people. One such poem is The Reverie of Poor Susan. In this poem, we ar told of Susan who is a woman from the country who is living and working in the city. As she passes by a bird singing in a cage, she seems to be saddened. Wordsworth wonders why this is, as he says the birds call survival is very beautiful Tis a note of enchantment. What ails her? We indeed see that the reason for this is that Susan is very homesick and longs to be back in the country. She imagines the streets of capital of the United Kingdom turning into hills and green pastures. She too imagines rivers running through the streets of London. She is then transported through the power of her imagination, to her home.
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