Thursday, December 19, 2013

Information Technology Support For Three Restaurants

2006 1 .IntroductionIn today s fierce competition of business , corporations profit up to create not only attractive products and go moreover withal generate intangible respect added creatively . This is substantive since competitors easily copy tangible products or service , indeed , to diametriciate from rivals the corporations must(prenominal) produce distinctive serve as value added for customersIn to generate such performances , the corporations must trammel its aim formally in the form of bang disceptation so that all stakeholders of the companies (employees , managements , and investors know well what they compulsion to gain in particular periodIn Exploring Corporate Strategy , Johnson G . and Scholes K (1999 reveals that merged strategy deals with overall purposes and scopes of the organization to meet the ex pectations of stakeholdersThe logical argument implies that made companies are those having right directions and run towards them . Concerning this issue , this lead boom details of a company s position towards the capital punishment of selective information system to support their one-third perk up jersey eaterys own by the Renteria family . The includes commission financial statement , environsal interpret , proposed IT incision structure IT strategic plan and resourcesOrganization Mission StatementMission statement is the promulgation revealing the target position the company wants to fulfil in the future . Theoretically , according to Answers Corporation (2006 , a mission statement should be clear and concise and must repress being verbose since it might lead to different perception .
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Concerning the mission statement of three new Jersey restaurants , the first gear thing to do is to let a single mission statement for the three restaurants and it should clearly make what will be done , by whom , for whom , and why as following Managements and staffs of Renteria s eating place Group is committed to provide excellent services in to pursue growth both domestically and internationally to addition revenue and enhance stakeholders benefitsThe to a higher place statement is designed to be market-oriented since it is the result of bottom-up get along as the representation of the Renteria s perpetration to help consumers enjoys the delicious foods in a friendly environment with the benefits of using information engineering science science to support the never-ending experiencesEnvironmental ScanIn New Jersey , restaurant business is quite challenging since in that respect are more ups cale restaurants that customers can choose . HYPERLINK hypertext transfer communications protocol /www .njdiningguide .com /restaurants .html http /www .njdiningguide .com /restaurants .html lists several restaurants located in New Jersey that serve American , Italian cuisines and many othersFigure 1 Rita and Joe s RestaurantsFor instances , Rita Joe s ( HYPERLINK http /www .rita-joes .com http /www .rita-joes .com ) is a restaurant that provides a torrid and welcoming cash dispenser (figure 1 . Similarly , other restaurants also assert that they provide the friendliest atmosphere to attract consumersConcerning the situation , Renteria s three restaurants need to develop not only cozy places scarce also additional value like computerized services in which customers are able to go for a table , asks for special(a) menu etcThe integration of technology at hospitality industry...If you want to get a adequate essay, order it on our website:

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