Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The book that we are studying is called Great Expectations by Charles  two written in 1939. We have been asked to explain how Charles  daimon creates cogent character portraits and landscape  descriptions in chapters 1-4 of the book. The title of the book (Great  expectations) is whirr that I work out the author meant us to think of it  sarcastically. I think this because in the book the story is based in  the misty marshes and Pip, his honest-to-goodness sister and her husband live in  quite a small house and was too running(a) class. For this family, save  seems pretty bleak with no escape to a remediate manner seeming possible.  Thats why I think the title is also ironic because Charles Dickens  purport was also pretty bleak.  Charles Dickens didnt have a nice upbringing. Charles Dickens was  born on 7th February 1812 at Portsmouth on the south coast of England.  He was familiar with meagreness by his life- as he was from a poor  ba ckground- so he could familiarise himself with Pip in the book. In  1814 the family move to London, and then, to Chatham in Kent.
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Charles  Dickens father who was a government clerk had bygone to a debtors  prison for expend his bills in life, which also happens to Charles  Dickens in the book, so Charles Dickens was probably writing about  what happened to his dad in the book. accordingly Charles Dickens had to  raise up a job at a young age at a discolour manu mill to help his family.  Whilst working in the blacking factory Charles Dickens had come up  with the idea of the now psyche known book Oliver Twist. As he grew  senior(a) he started to write novels ab out experiences that he had in life  under! the name of Boz which became popular. From these novels he  gained enough money to procure a house in Rochester, from where he later  go to Kent. When in Kent he became familiar with the Marshes in all  its isolation and dullness. This is mirrored into the book as exactly  that, the dull, isolated marshes- not a very nice place to...If you want to repulse a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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