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Queen Victoria

[Writer s Name][Supervisor s Name][Course][Date] was born on May 24th , 1819 at Kensington move , London She was the single kid of Edward Duke of Kent ( HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /network .bbc .co .uk / floor /historic_figures /victoria_queen .shtml http / web .bbc .co .uk /history /historic_figures /victoria_queen .shtml ) Her father died before slap-up of Seychelles was one year old and was brought up by her heartbreaking German mother . She was named Alexandria Victoria and was not allowed to get out that she was to be queen until she was twelve years old . Victoria had piffling relation with the outside world and was educated politics and arranging by the Prime Minister . She turn out to be queen of dandy Britain in 1837 , at the age of 18 , after the death of her uncle King William IV (Erickson , pp 13-19The queen commix with her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in February 1840 . They had four sons and five daughters together . In 1866 Prince Albert passed away due to typhoid fever . vacate herself from the caller . Then in 1877 she came into sight in public to conjecture the Golden Jubilee of her sovereignty . Then ten years later on , she resurfaced for her Diamond Jubilee , which was a great Festival of the Empire Crowds do the acquaintance of the queen as the royal convoy blade its way to Saint Paul s Cathedral to bestow sire . Victoria died at her winter national on the islet of Wight on January 22nd , 1901 was one of the supreme sovereigns in English history . She was the queen of United Kingdom , smashing Britain , Ireland , and the empress of India . It was a period in which Great Britain developed into the roughly commanding nation in the world .
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Victoria was discover as the icon of Great Britain s enormity . During her time in power Britain became a free trade state , religious fairness was recognized , local government was democratized , legislative be approved acts recuperating labor conditions , making education significant and rectify the civil service (Charlot , pp 56-63 )The Victoria Era was named after . The straitlaced period was one of the supreme industrialized expansions at planetary house and colonial expansion abroadWorks CitedCharlot , Monica . Victoria : The Young Queen . Oxford , England Cambridge tidy sum : Blackwell , 1991 , pp 56-63Erickson , Carolly . Her Little Majesty : The Life of . New York : Simon and Schuster , 1997 , pp 13-19 BBC History HYPERLINK http /www .bbc .co .uk /history /historic_figures /victoria_queen .shtml http /www .bbc .co .uk /history /historic_figures /victoria_queen .shtml retrieved on February 21 , 2007PAGEPAGE 1 Writer s Surname...If you want to get a full essay, club it on our website:

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