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Goldstein (1987 ) suggests that given the dominant position of the eldest brother , his younger siblings are hardly ever offered a chance to trade wind their tender position (Goldstein , 1987 . Simultaneously , as scotch conditions in Tibet are gradually changing , biovular polyandry whitethorn originally long become ir applicable and vanish in the next generationCertainly , Goldstein (1987 ) tries to be objective in his research , and along with the benefits and rationale for fraternal polyandry in Tibet he also provides an immense list of problems that stop of the competition and conflicts between brothers . The problem , in time , is in that the reference of the article does not back up his claims with either front studies or the results of other empirical researches what is more , Goldstein (1987 ) asserts that the roots of fraternal polyandry are purely economic barely what active social stratification and its impact on espousal ? Moreover , what about the sociobiological assumptions which fraternal polyandry seems to deny ? As long as males biologically and naturally seek to dilate the range of their womanly mates , fraternal polyandry , on the foreign , reduces their chances to have as many offspring as practical , due to the position that they have to share a ballpark spouse .
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From the anthropological perspective , we should be more than concerned in state the question WHY fraternal polyandry carcass one of the prefatory matrimony forms in Tibet . Economic reasons power be relevant , but beyond purely economic factors there is! a whole set of social and ethnical considerations , which should be interpreted into account when investigating the hidden facets of marriage principles in Tibet . To reassessment fraternal polyandry from sociobiological and social perspectives may help do a more holistic anthropological picture of Tibetans and seek the impact , which different factors produce on their choice of the peculiar(prenominal) marriage formReferencesGoldstein , M .C (1987 . When brothers share a...
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