Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Response To Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving Response Lars Eighners Dumpster Diving dislodged my beliefs of the dispossessed by freehand insight on what it truly means to be a scavenger. My original conceits of peck living on the streets ar that they were pointless high school drop outs, alcoholics, or do drugs addicts that could non sustain any job. I have non sincerely talked to a unsettled person to hear their side of the story, reconcile my assumptions were based off of my personal experiences with the homeless. One time my beat and I were walking up to the entrance of a McDonalds in Sacra mento, and this gay was postulation for convert. He was obviously homeless, scarcely the vox of me that felt sorry for the guy and wanted to give him change was quickly stopped by the curious side that was petition why the man had scars up and down his arms and a hot dog in his possession. I thought it was strange he had a dog because if he couldnt take hustle off of himself why try to take c a tomic number 18 of the dog. Also, when I sop up the discussion sometimes the reporter talks about(predicate) the detriment of jobs and how grand people are in need of jobs, but the people on the streets who seem to need it the most are eternally asking for change or laying on a bench or the bare ground not pro-actively seeking jobs.
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Although, after reading Dumpster Diving I thought about specifically these two instances and maybe what background these men came from. For example, when Eighner is talk of the town about value of material objects and says I do not suppose that ideas are immortal, but certainly they are womb-to-tomb lived than material objects (Eighner 184), I instantl y thought of the man with his dog and that m! aybe the dog, besides keeping him company, reminds him of an earlier life of recreation without all of his worries. all came from Dumpsters. And, yes, I eat from Dumpsters, as closely (Eighner 182), after I read this section of the story I thought maybe someone actually prefers to live homeless as long as they can live and motionlessness have everything a human needs, why not? after reading...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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