Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tv News

Media Coursework: TV intelligence information This term we have been acquisition about TV intelligence agency. In Britain, in the 21st century, you provoke obtain news from various media. Some throng curb the telecasting, some others learn to the radio and yet others prefer the newspaper. However, the television has more profits as comp atomic number 18d to newspapers. This is because TV news is visual; we can actually condition what is going on live through videos etc. some other advantage is that TV news is immediate , up to the s and visible(prenominal) for 24 hours. Also, newspapers give information about something that has happened yesterday whereas TV news is up to date. For eg: As soon as swine flu broke out it became the lead story of any(prenominal) news class whereas the newspapers published it only on the following(a) day. The latest survey shows that oer 20 million people watch the news every day. Surprisingly, only 16% of them be 16 to 24 cours e of instruction old. The reason for this is that the younger generation find the news deadening as they feel the targeted audience of the majority of news transmit are elderly people. The news stories they choose to a fault disport the older people quite an than younger ones. For eg: Pension, always in the news, is not related to teenagers in any way, but, is very enlightening to retired people.
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Many of us mightiness have heard of the BBC which is funded by the TV license which the human beings pays for. On the other hand, the commercial messageized TV is funded by advertisers. As the macrocosm is paying for the BBC fund, it is the BBCs responsibility to fulfil the publics wi shes and demands. As with the commercial TV,! they are more arouse in meeting the needs of the advertisers rather than the public. For eg: Sky TV uses glamorous presenters rather than prudish journalists as their news readers. The BBCs customary Service value are to inform, educate and entertain. Public Service Values are the values that a order uses to improve the news and also make it more interesting. However, commercial-grade TV Is more interested in...If you deprivation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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