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Analysis And Commentary Of The Book `symptomatic` By Dazny Schna

(Name (University (Professor (Course (DateSymptomatic by Danzy SennaThe word of honor Symptomatic was written by Danzy Senna and was print in 2004 . The author was born in mum in the year 1970 . Her m new(prenominal) Fanny Howe had been a well behaved poet time her father named Carl Senna was known as an activist and a writer . The author alumnauated from Stanford University in 1992 . She was a racial that reflects in her two impertinents Caucasia and Symptomatic (James , 2008 , Blogspot .comHer method of writing captivated umteen readers as it depicts the life and tragedies in the life of a biracial character . The myth revolves around the complexity of alert in a world having no definite individuation . She excessively tackles issues that correspond to the plight of women in the workplace (James , 2008 , Blogspot .comS ymptomatic is a novel the tackles the life of a biracial woman who is manifestly not in control of her life . She does not evaluate her ego-importance because she lacks her identicalness and in the flesh(predicate) identity . She is a newly grad , a newly transferred to an urban setting that definitely lacks a soulal personality (Francis , Temples for tomorrowThe setting is a winter in a prestigious magazine company in sunrise(prenominal) York metropolis . The ace remained unnamed every last(predicate) throughout the story Although she was lots referred to with sweet nicknames , her real name was never menti singled in the total novel (Cheuse , 2004The novel is a first person berth , which means , that the story reflects the mind and reaction of the ally . The different(a) relevant character is the antagonist in the name of Greta Hicks . Greta is in addition a biracial but a psychotic one . At first she forms good association and companionship with the protagonist , she even helped her find a place to stomac! h , theless , she becomes preternatural later on , even scary (Amazon .
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comThe name of the book , Symptomatic , in some way reflects what the theme of the book is all slightly . As the word it portrays the act of having a prognostic or indicative characteristic of an illness or a infirmity . The book reflects upon the protagonist journey in an mystical abysm . The lack of goal and the instability of the protagonist somehow indicates what the altogether book will reveal as it late unfolds the polar dilemmas and conflicts of a mulatto or a biracial materialisation large(p) (Amazon .comSomehow there is also an overview with regards as to how the book would wrap up in the end from the symptoms displayed by the protagonist The lack of self identity of the protagonist can be traced upon the lack of parental support and parenting condition that she experienced . The lack of goals can be attributed to her lack of personality and the way by which she let other people manipulate her life and her decisionsBasically the purpose of the book is to do as an eye-opener to those people who still don t have a gripped of themselves . As I have explained above , the book reveals the side...If you mendicancy to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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