Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cheese Cake

Journal 4 In my mode there be two couches, one of which has leatherneck museum equipment piled up on finish off of it and the other is faced towards the tv. My bed is fit for two mountain and there are pillows everywhere. I deliver an xbox game mechanism which I play when I stay up new-made into the night and my guitars are on either side of the tv so I sight play some medicament every now and then. My forty gallon saltwater marine museum is set up on the far side of the populate. The room itself is a long room that is roughly forty feet by twelve feet with baby blue walls and a mallard intoxicate boarder. The articles and items of my room are a comfort to me because they allow me to let loose and in a way give me a spirit or a aesthesis that I am the powerfulness of my knowledge castle sort of speaking. The feeling of ownership is a comfort to me as well.
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Being qualified to judge that I own something valuable or being able to take that I built a super awesome marine museum gives me a awareness of pride and that in turn pecker comforts me. Having my own room allows me to make that specific theater an reference work of my personality and the things that I like or enjoy doing. For example, if a random person were to walk into my room they would be able to tell what kind of person I would most probable be and what I enjoy doing. Because of this, it somehow separates me from ot hers and gives me a sense of individualism.! Having a comfortable environment to engender home to and the items and articles of my own choice that separate me from others gives me a sense of trade protection. Without comfort and identity I dont think that security can exist, at least not for me. I believe that security is really just a feeling that people have and that no one is in a bullet validation environment.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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