Thursday, January 23, 2014

Emily Dickinson

solitude/?säl??t(y)o?od/ Noun:1.The build or situation of being alone: a barely a(prenominal) hours of loneliness. 2.A lonely or uninhabited stern. The numbers discusses the contrasting forms of privacy that you may keep an eye on. The theme of the poem is the immortality of the mind and how the retirement that it saturnineers is greater than any of that found on earth. She starts off in the poem talking some solitude and mentions military positions where you power find it. There is a gentle, soft sound to the poem through with(predicate) her use of the sound of s such as solitude, quadruplet, and sea. The repeating of the soft s sound let ups the poem a gentle flow. Also, she attempts to set forth the mood of loneliness from the beginning. She mentions space and sea as being places of solitude. You can relate to these places as empty and away from people. The locations mentioned along with her gentle sound authorize a lonely tone to the poem. Then s he breaks the soft sounds with the countersignature termination. Death offers a harsh sound with the D and brings roughly a negative connotation, and this is followed by, but these Society shall be which connects remnant and society together. There is emphasis on the society, comparing the solitude of death with the wholeness of society. Next, she writes about a profounder site and a polar privacy referring to the soul. The use of words such as profound and polar associate the soul with a place unexplored and untouchable by manIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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