Friday, January 10, 2014


Hajj Islam Hajj is pre Islamic Makka---- Kaba--- 360 idols: Totems of the Spirits of the Arabic Tribes, degrees in a circle- Each Arabic (Bedovin) had a spirit. Allah was the oneness or supreme creator theology Distant and non relational tin islam Quranic customs duty: Abraham (Ibrahim) with Ismail built the kaba House of God, so Muslim could pore their prayers 5 times a day. spill to Hajj = intuitive feeling in Allah Not going away = non believer Please Allah make him apt with you Ihram ----- white garments tinctity, unity, equal status. Clean (ghusl). Shown intent umra (next stage). Recite talbiya. No forbidden ihram. Umra------- travel around the kaba (tawaf). Pray to rakaat behind maquam Ibrahim (Ibrahims station). Make say - performing the biblical and quranic story of Hajars (Hagar) search for food and water. Trim tomentum cerebri remove ihram garments dismissal to Mina--------- Put garments on again. Make intent for Hajj. perform 5 prayers. Goin g to Arafat (Morning, the 9th)--------- Stay until sunset. Glorify Allah- quote supplication. Repent to Allah/ take on for effronteryess. Pray al-zuhr and al-asr. Going to Muzdalifa ( subsequently sunset, the 9th)---------- Walk from Arafat to Mazdalifa. fare al-maghrib and al-sha prayers.
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corset over night performal-Fajr prayer. Proceed to Mina(Sunrise 10th)--------- just after sunrise go to Mina. Go to Jamma al- aqaba and stone it with 7 pebbles (stoning satan). transact Nahr (re-enact Abraham going to sacrifice a sheep God provided) meat distributed to family, friends, poor, money given to charity. Take off garments. Ihram restrictions lifted except for (no intimate intercours e) It is an necessity part of a Muslims fa! ith and practice. The Hajj is knowing to sevelop God Consciousness and a sense of spiritual rebirth. It is likewise the luck for Muslims to ask for forgiveness of sins accumulated throughout livelihood and muslims totally over the world gather to worship the One God.If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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