Thursday, January 23, 2014

Major Of Casterbridge

The Mayor of Casterbridge: Social Standards What kind of person auctions off their married woman and baby? In The Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas insolent explores the disposition of a man, Michael Henchard, who hands his family off to a stranger, Richard Newsom, for a compulsive five guineas. Oblivious to the consequences of such an act, Michael Henchard, intoxicated, lets go of his wife, Susan, and daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, who remain fuddled and unsure of what lies ahead. Just beginning his struggle in stress standards of society, Michael Henchard realizes the disastrous effects of alcohol and promises to never drink erst a advance for twenty-one years. In his novel, Thomas Hardy examines the standards of society in Casterbridge at the turn of the twentieth blow while dilate Michael Henchards responses to these standards. In addition to non tolerating alcoholics, chew did not stick out adultery. A couple stayed in concert a while sooner comm itting to marriage. Marriage lasted until death. People seek to keep their families together, and families existed as the understructure of society. The husband worked to provide food, clothing, and furnish for his family, while the wife raised(a) the children and kept busy with household chores. In establish to gain respect, slew composed themselves in a positive modality when in the workplace and all around. political figures reflected the utmost gravitas and honesty. People avoided working for and buying from people who lacked the respect of others in society. The wealthy helped the poor and people in society worked together to make their lives the best they could be. In product line to the many people who obeyed societys rules and aspired to follow these standards, Michael Henchard suffered dreadful consequences for failing to meet societys standards. First, he did not comprehend his actions at the auction. He could not explain the fixing or status of his wife and child. not only did he not know if they wer! e in adept health, he did not...If you motivation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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