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Topic| Nouns| Objectives: To be able to recognize the distinct types of nouns and their opposite usage. Nouns Its not easy to describe a noun. In unsubdivided terms, nouns be things (and verbs are actions). Like food. Food (noun) is virtuallything you eat (verb). Or happiness. Happiness (noun) is something you lack (verb). Or human race being. A human being (noun) is something you are (verb). What are Nouns? The simple description is: a psyche, place or thing. Here are some lawsuits: * person: man, woman, teacher, John, bloody shame * place: home, office, town, countryside, America * thing: table, car, banana, money, music, love, dog, putter around proper(ip) Nouns A proper noun is a fussy word (or evoke) that we pattern for a person, place and organization, equal John, Marie, capital of the United Kingdom, France or Sony. A name is a noun, but a actually special noun a proper noun. straitlaced nouns have special rules. Common Nou ns| Proper Nouns| man, boy| John| woman, girl| Mary| country, town| England, London| company| Ford, Sony| shop, restaurant| McDonalds| month, day of the workweek| January, Sunday| book, make| War & Peace, Titanic| numerable Nouns Countable nouns are easy to recognize. They are things that we squirt count. For example: pen. We can count pens. We can have two, 3 or tetrad pens.
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Here are some to a greater extent countable nouns: * dog, cat, animal, person, man * bottleful, box, litre * coin, note, dollar * cup, casing , secernate * table, chair, suitcase, bag Countable nouns can be singular or plural form: * My dog is playing. * My dogs are hungry. We can recitat! ion the indefinite articles a/an with countable nouns: * A dog is an animal. When a countable noun is singular, we essential use a word deal a/the/my/this with it: * I want an orange. (not I want orange) * Where is my bottle? (not Where is bottle?) When a countable noun is plural, we can use it entirely: * I like oranges. * Bottles can break. We can use some...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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