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Victorian Time

Grace Garvin          English 4 Mrs. Korber Literary Response blokes break off          lad depended on his medicine as an lean. cuss flee to constitute away from Harlem and to bring on control in his conduct. Sonny says It makes you-feel in control. Sometimes you got to have that feeling. (Henderson, Day, W eacher 121) He was compare the similar feelings that diacetylmorphine gave him, the feeling he felt when he was playing music. secure was the key importance to Sonny, a person who felt that his life was being guided down a typical cart track for a black legions reinforcement in Harlem. His habituation for diacetylmorphine was as legitimate as his addiction for his music.         Sonnys brother did not see a future for Sonny as a musician. His brother took a long time to real understand Sonnys need for music. During the brothers intermittent relationship Sonnys brother power saw anguish and a trapped look in Sonn ys eyeb in any in in all (Henderson, Day, Waller 116). That look in Sonnys eyes was a result of living a smothered life in Harlem. For example Sonnys pipe pipe dreams was sidetracked by his phthisis of heroin, which put him in jail. Hypothetically, if Sonny had the chance to spirited in Morningside Heights a loaded upper curriculum city neighboring Harlem, he probably would not have been introduced to heroin and its evils. He was becoming a product of his skirt environment.                                                                                 Garvin 2 To Sonny, Harlem, his hometown, was a constant reminder his past. The savor of the slobber was always lurking around the streets? Im sick of the stink of these garbage cans (Henderson, Day, Waller 117). The aspect of the streets of Harlem reminded Sonny of a time that his life was at a pitiable point. Sonny describes a stink ! to be so fibrous that it locked him in that world where he was trapped. The stink that was overpower Sonny at his low point has both a carnal and mental meaning to him (124). Sonny physically had a smell on him that was a result of him not showering and excrete from the medicate he was on. Mentally the stench was a cabal of all the bad decisions he made. Sonny wanted to seize relinquish of his addiction to heroin so he ran as outlying(prenominal) as he could from Harlem, alone when he returned, he could not deviate. The stink was not a part of Sonny, but the chances of a retroversion of his addiction still haunted him.         Harlem was not an flourishing consecrate to grow up in, especially for those who lived in the projects. Their morale was very low in the poverty-stricken part of Harlem: on the other hand, it was the location for the Harlem Renaissance. It fueled a major change of thinking towards African-Americans living in the United St ates. Harlem harbored hatful rich in knowledge, but as a discriminate the state were financially poor. Sonny describes Harlem by saying in all the hatred and misery and love. Its a wonder it doesnt blow the self-colored world apart (Henderson, Day, Waller 124). His description of Harlem mirrors his life. Sonnys love for his music was his contend from his hatred towards his past and his misery of knowing his ability to recidivate into his addiction.
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Sonny was piano playing for a                                                                                          Garvin 3 dream (124). Sonnys dream! to become a great musician gave him live that his music would function him escape the pre-decided endings of a black gentlemans gentleman in Harlem. Sonny was not the only one toilsome to escape. Other African American were studying ¦Politics, art, literature, music, science, the social sciences and all aspect of American life¦ The African-Americans came to Harlem, because it was a safe sic that was predominantly black, occupied by people of their own race. They flocked to Harlem because they were adequate to win, respite from racial prejudice. (Thurman 1) Americans were still getting used to the mood of equality between blacks and whites. independence was one of the many purposes of the Harlem Renaissance. freedom lurked around us and I understood, at last, that he could help us be free if we would listen (Henderson, Day, Waller 127). That is when Sonnys brother in the end understands the power and control that Sonny gained from his music. His escape was a flight into a new age of freedom for all people. Sonnys music and the music of other fellow musicians, writers, and artists acted as leaders of a new life for all people who were repressed. A data link that would be made through all races could be reached by the music Sonny was playing. If you want to get a fully essay, order it on our website:

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