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"Explain Why The United States Became Increasingly Involved In The War In Vietnam During The Period 1954-1965

Explain Why The linked States Became Increasingly Involved In The contend In Vietnam During The Period 1954-1965. Between 1946-1954 cut governance rule Vietnam. many people in Vietnam did not standardized the French having an crook in the way their country was ruled. The Vietminh began to get a line action against the French. The Vietminh were a Communist organisation. In 1950-1951, the French looked to the States for assistance against the Vietminh. contempt not getting directly involved, the States p embolden for nigh of the cost of the struggle. This did not satisfy the French. The French saw the war as a strife mingled with Imperialists and Nationalist. Whereas the Americans saw the contravention as a battle against the planetary spread of communism. This is why I believe the Americans decided to aid the French in their conflict against the Vietminh. In 1954, at the battle of Dien Bien Phu, the Vietminh attacked the French station of 15,000 soldiers. By mid Marc h, the surviving 10,000 troops were made to surrender. This was a humiliating defeat for the French. They then false to America for much physical aid such as troops and a possible nuclear strike. The Americans declined as they had just now just stop the war in Korea and did not attentiveness to risk losing more(prenominal) American troops.
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After the battle of Dien Bien Phu, Britain, France, China, The Soviet Union, The United States and Vietnam concur to meet in Geneva, Switzerland. The Vietminh wished to have an early alternative in order to elect a government for the firm of Vietnam. receivable to their fear of Ho Chi Minhs popularity, America, France and Britain wished to have a yen delay before the election. At the conv! ention, its was agreed that Vietnam would be dissever along the 17th parallel with the North ruled by Ho Chi Minh... If you want to get a spacious essay, order it on our website:

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