Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blind Faith

When millions of people believe in something that is FALSE, in the eyes of the clear it appears to be true, false is true. You do non charter a BS bullshit degree in pietism. You do not pauperisation a doctor of philosophy degree in god and apolo threadics to understand the truth about religion and its origin. altogether you need are dates, and opthalmic proof and the truth willing constantly surface. The truth never contradict, only lies. For example, Henry get everyplace did not invent the automobile. He wasnt even close. What sweep up did was perfect the assembly line technique. Just like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Chinese traditional religion, Hinduism, and so on and so on, were not the creators of religion. The outdated Egyptians were. As far as I can remember, Ive always being a person that likes to learn and unmake new things. If something doesnt make sense or vivacious contradicting itself, thats the most common si gn that someone or something is trying to pull a fast one (deceiving) on society. Today we will discover the lies of religion by optic truth, the cold stone truth as the truth is compose on the Ancient Egyptians pyramid w everys. 10,500 BC before Christ. The birth of a God Isis and Horus 2500 BC, bloody shame and Immanuel 4 BC before Christ. No matter what your religion is, they all have the same story. The birth of god son, he betrayed, he died for our sins, and then rise and ascend to heaven.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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