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The Majoritarian (Westminster) theoretical account of Democracy CourseTheory of Democracy Date27 September jacket crown of Armenia 2011 Content 1) Introduction 2) The Majoritarian (Westminster) model: nine majoritarian elements 3) The Westminster model in India 4) Conclusion Introduction Government by the plenty is supposedly the most basic and common explanation of Democracy. When we speak active country in modern nation-states the important alternation is that the judicature is normally carried out not directly by people (citizens) simply indirectly by representatives, chosen finished free and inhabit elections. Even if some components of direct republic can be suck inn in some democratic countries, land is normally representative. In ideal democracy, which presupposes not only government by people but also government for people, the government acts according to the preferences of people, whereas the actual democracies, which Robert Dahl calls polyarchies, function relatively pissed to the ideal. There argon two basic, diametrically opposite models of democracy: the majoritarian (or the Westminster model) and consensus. Within this constitution Ill speak about majoritarian model of democracy, its essence, and elements and try to see whether democracy in India can be considered Majoritarian. The Westminster model: cabaret Majoritarian elements The basic feature of the Westminster model is the legal age role. It is legal ages interests that should be followed when the people have diverse preferences. The British variant of the Westminster model is the primary and the most known guinea pig of this model. The Westminster model consists of nine interconnected elements. 1. Concentration of decision master power: one-party and bare-majority cabinets. British cabinet is usually pattern by the members of the party which has majority seats in the tail end of Commons. Coalition cab inets are uncommon, because of the existing ! two-party system, where parties have couple power and...If you want to get a full essay, frame in it on our website:

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