Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ethnocentrism Vs. Culture Relativism

Cultural relativism refers to the idea that behavior in a attender culture should not be stressd by the standards of a contrast culture. The opposite idea, ethnocentrism, refers to the notion that we should use the standards of our sustain culture to guess the behavior and drills of another culture. For each of the two incidents described below, excuse why you would be likely to take either the opinion of heathenish relativism or ethnocentrism. Write about half of a page (typed) for each question. 1.In many regions of Indian sons be prefer to daughters for reasons related to kinship, inheritance, marriage, identity, status, economic security, and lineage. Although laws prepare been passed to prohibit fire-selective abortion, this practice continues and whitethorn be increasing due to new productive technologies. Campaigns by international health and human rights groups hold in contend sex selection, yet many people argue that in raise of appearance this cu ltural context, sex selection may be required to ensure the economic and social well creation of the minor and family. For this scenario I will be taking the ethnocentrism perspective. in time in doing some research on ethnocentrism, I have open up that ethnocentrism is a commonly used limit in circles where ethnicity, inter-ethnic relations, and mistakable social issues are of concern. The usual definition of the term is thought process ones own groups ways are boss to others or resolve other groups as inferior to ones own. Ethnic refers to cultural heritage, and centrism refers to the central starting exhibit... so ethnocentrism basically refers to perspicacity other groups from our own cultural point of view. However, I palpate that this is how I need to look at this scenario, from a ethnocentrism perspective. nix should be choosing what sex of a mess up gets to live and have a chance in this world. It shouldnt matter wear youre in America, India, or Antarcti ca. A life is a life, a boy is equal to a gi! rl. Yes, in this...If you essential to get a full essay, place it on our website:

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