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The sense of unease and the difficult realities clearly burdened establish handst activity in the Western democracies , but things were far worse on the political front elsewhere in europium . Among the states of east-central and southern Europe , the strain of postwar years became too much for the fragile democratic systems developing on that point . newly created nations in east-central Europe faced extensive stinting problems caused by the split of Austro-Hungarian Empire , previously well-off economic whole . Now split up individualist nations were more often than not agricultural and too fruitless to create prosperity . attempt with these problems the new democracies like Romania , Yugoslavia , Poland , and Hungary became threatened to authoritarian leaders , who promised and advocated patriotism backed by arm fo rce . This rise of authoritarian political sympathiess during the 1920s spread beyond east-central Europe . The approximately dramatic move came to Italy . why did Mussolini s political movement brinytain such(prenominal) attract ? The answer to this doubt is complex . Fascism attracted veterans hoping for a sense of renewal after the chagrin of the war and the spry postwar years and appealed to young men who felt they had disoriented out on the war have got and therefore responded to the speak of wounded nation pjustifye , being wound by the treaty of Versailles which denied Italy some of its territories on the Adriatic coast . On the some other hand , factory owners , merchants and landowners also embraced fascism when Mussolini vowed to conserve Italy from fabianism . They provided Mussolini with cash . Finally those who blamed the parliamentary government for Italy s postwar woes believed fascist promises to create unity through orbit of studyistic policiesA t the same season in Germany Hitler and the! doctrine of Nazism captured the mood of many Germans , curiously young people . Much of Hitler s appeal stemmed from the tempting promises he made - promises that offered comfort and reassurance to a people in desperate need . He claimed that he would urinate rid of the economic hardship , incompetent leading , threats from the communist and parliamentary government . In addition , he vowed to restore national unity and in Germany . To wealthy industrial leaders and landowners who feared developing strength of socialists and communists , Hitler and his party held attractionAfter 1934 communists in European countries formed alliances with socialists and moderates against the ripening strength of fascism . The Popular Front in France is an example of such a partnership . The imperfection of the Treaty of Versailles that caused the dissatisfaction and shattered self-respect of some Europeans countries , Germany and Italy , the depression of the post-war period were the main cau ses of the war that did splinter out in September 1939 . human War II was a period of weary and blinking(a) devastation . policy-making consequences of this war for Europe were a total propagation of communism throughout Europe and impending unwarmed war Germany became carve up into two parts , democratic and communistic , for France and Britain , their governments were forced to turn down their previous compound policy after the war and in the Middle eastern hemisphere new state of Israel was formed on the territory of promised land . Soon after the...If you want to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website:

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