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Name: Tonya Sentell Date: 04-29-12 School: PCHS Facilitator: Emily Pearson 9.03 Forensic Anthropology 1. What is the 1st mark an anthropologist aims when examining study? They determine if the clappers atomic number 18 human or animal bones. 2. What is the next step anthropologist take? They examine bones and the skull to determine date, sex, and race. 3. How evict the age be determined as far as growth tread is concerned? teeth that ca-ca or have non grown stinkpot also reveal the age of the flesh. accordance occurs in 800 points of the organic structure and is the trump pop off to reveal the age of a childs human body. Anthropologists volition look for detailed spikes that persuade to appear on the edges of the vertebrae, the have on of teeth callable to age and joints that show signs of arthritis. All of the bones in the frame will deteriorate with age. 4. What is ossification? Newborns have over three hundred bones at birth that immingle together to make believe the 206 adult bones. As a individual ages, the bones bring down to fuse together. This is known as ossification 5. What is the best guide to determining the age of a childs skeleton? Ossification 6. What bone in the body finishes growing death? The collarbone 7. When a person is elderly, what features do anthropologist look at? In the bones of the elderly, degeneration begins to occur. Anthropologists will look for tiny spikes that start to appear on the edges of the vertebrae, the wearing of teeth receivable to age and joints that show signs of arthritis. 8. Which two bones atomic number 18 real profitable when determining gender? The skull and the hip bone 9. What are the differences between males and females when smell at the hip bone? A mans hip are narrower and a womens hips are wider , being create for child bearing. 1! 0. How can height be determined in a skeleton? Determining the height of a skeleton involves reassembling the skeleton and measuring...If you essential to get a full essay, grade it on our website:

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