Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Politics of Nigeria and Colonialism

When we cut into the aspect of development and gauge the trends seen throughout history, a significant player is compoundism. In many another(prenominal) groundss for thirds world countries, they wouldnt thrust developed without the influence of colonial powers. However, just as colonialism readiness have assisted these countries, it did award new struggles. Therefore, this report ordain be examining various layers of these struggles, specifically the influence of colonial encounters. Furthermore, this paper bequeath present the amaze that colonial encounter is not central to the creation and application of global racial and geo-political hierarchies, further instead that colonial encounters incline to the creation of global racial and geo-political hierarchies. That being said, to support this look Ill be examining the case of Nigeria and its time spent under the British Colonialism. This paper lead be investigating the clash of British Colonialism on Nigeria, wi th regards to its development. It depart first asses the notion of colonization and colonial power, secondly it will identify various advantages and disadvantages of the British Colonization, and lastly, briefly examine the post-colonialism era.\n\n detonate 1 Coloniality of Power\nThe excogitation of Coloniality of Power, focuses on the influence the colonial powers have. In short, their power allows them to fancy your labor, education, health cargon, religion and neighborly classification. It allows them power to re-identify you. As a result, the coloniality of power, allows the colonialist to determine social classification, ground on your race. Furthermore, dependent on your classification, this impacted your standard of living. Education, religion, work and health care are all reformed to your classification. Evidently, those of polish were ranked the lowest, in comparison to the white race. In addition, the colonial power is excessively provided with labor control. T his provided the...

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