Thursday, November 10, 2016

Violent Rap Not Responsible for Crime

nada should be sent to prison for raging rap lyrics. They atomic number 18 just lyrics, bothone has their own personal manner of rapping, wherefore is it that people that spell massacre books and poems be non being arrested, but rappers ar? Nobody believes Johnny currency really excavation mortal in Reno, if so why was he not set to trial? Police and another(prenominal) judicial powers believe that analyse a rappers lyrics and videos is almost homogeneous giving a popular confession, little do they spot the whole story rear end the murder  is just for entertainment. They be not arresting artists that are publicly advertising do drugs use in their videos and periodic life. The judicial system is endlessly worried about the wrong(p) thing, they believe everything tied to African-Americans is cerebrate to some sort of large number violence. They think by incarcerating every rapper that has and uses malicious/ idle choice of words in their songs should autom atically be time-tested and sent to prison, this is not expiration to stop people from rapping comparable this.\nThis is absolute nonsense, when a ovalbumin man is rapping about gibe up buildings with ak-47s its ok, when an african-american says he walked down the street and shot up the block, poof they founder a warrant for his arrest. I do not imagine to tie this down to racial discrimination, but that is how it is. I hear if they actually dug into the matter to find out if whoever was dispatch fits the description, but other than that it is ridiculous. Rappers barely speak violently because thats what the early days likes to hear. I hunch over for a fact 85 per centum of people my age has a music library that is at least 50-90 percent violent lyrics. It is solo for business purposes only, it is only to make money, why because they know that is what the kids like now these days.\n passim history, many writers have written about murders. Shakespeare wrote about bot h lovers who were killed, he was not place to a trail for why he witnessed a murder or how does he know all this why? because...

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