Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Religion, Secularism and Ritual

Without realizing it, nigh of our lives are somewhat scripted. We get up, shower, eat, go to condition, do homework, go to the gym, etc. It may vary singly merely we all feel a certain fashion we normally do twenty-four hours after day. It is pretty apparent that we tend to gravitate towards consistency. We puddle patterns, and like to keeps things organized and simple. A lot of our behaviors stomach be called religious riteistic. It is this way for many cogitates. For more or less people ritual is a word most oftentimestimes held in context with godliness. bring togetherd(p) though it is generally viewed in terms of pietism, ritual put up be secular and and very different but similar in its wideness in our life. Ritual is by far rooted most deeply with religion. Ritualistic behaviors can be seen in every(prenominal) religion and according to Wallace, it accomplishes what religion sets out to do. Without ritual, religion could not exist. It is as its been cal led the functional unit of religion (Wallace). \nEvery religion has its rituals they usually revolve around a myth. They can be performed at a specific time, possibly daily or annually. unrivalled example is soliciting, Muslims pray five times a day, while Catholics go to church building every Sunday. An some other reason for rituals may be situational. a lot when there is a death, that soul is buried and attached a ceremony. Other rituals happen yet to give thanks to the supernatural. One such ritual is sacrifices. When a family member is ill often healing rituals can be performed to help. The list of specific rituals found on specific religions could go on forever.\nEven though people always tie religion and ritual together, ritual doesnt always have to expect religion. One example given by Steadman was of elementary school kids reciting the pledge of allegiance. She points out that this, fitting like religious rituals, is a repetitive process of events that happens at a certain time, and in this case every morning. umteen people do other thing that they normally dont think...

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