Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cause and Effect in Crash

For centuries, individuals seduce been heavily judged based come to if their skin color. Black, white, or whatever color skin, we argon tout ensemble humans and all grinning in the same language. The painting Crash shows the ethnic emphasis and how much of an impact it squeeze out have on e very individual. In the movie, ships officer Hansen feels cultural tension for several reasons, which causes him to hold in certain actions. These actions in whirl affect his life and the lives of those nearly him in a electronegative way. \nTo begin with, Officer Hansen is on duty with Officer Ryan and they are driving and talking when they all at once see a couple, that fall to both be Afri potentiometer American, doing some suspicious look in the summit seat. They soak them over and follow rough-cut officer procedure, until Officer Ryan takes the federal agency into his own hands. He has the man, Mr. Thayer, footstep out of the railway car because he was apparently arguing. Mr. Thayers wife indeed stepped out of the car to defend her husband and begins scream at the officers. Officer Ryan then takes action and has them both sport and place their hands on the car while jump to pat them cut back. He pats vote out Mr. Thayer and follows that up by patting down Mrs. Thayer but it wasnt your representative pat down. He was run his hands slowly up and down her thighs into her crouch compass for several minutes, she has begun to cry and at the same time on that point is nothing her husband can do. Officer Hansen has witnessed the consentient ikon of Officer Ryan taking expediency of the married couple and it becomes very obvious to him that Officer Ryan is a heavy racist. Officer Ryan crimson told Hansen that being a uplift will change his whole perspective on how African Americans act and of course Officer Hansen didnt believe him. Hansen replication to ask the general if he could ride with someone else and it was give to him. When Officer Hansen witnessed Officer Ryan sexually assault an African American woman in front of her husband it caused him to...

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