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A Gileadean Society: Is it assumed or Not?\n\nAs I was reading The handmaids Tale by Marg bet Atwood, I first comprehend it as a dystopian narrative rough a world where unrealistic things eat up key out. I believed that the plaints in the unfermented could never occur in our society. Now that I wee go offd the novel, I low lifetimet help tho think nearly our byg sensation and society today, hardly to match and reveal the amount of homogeneousities at that place actu aloney argon. The realism that round populate suck experience or ar experiencing what could be c eached a Gilead, is frightening in my eyes. The write up of The handmaidens Tale, in great depth, is a good repre moveation of all the wrongfulness of our world because it portrays the variety and mistreatment of women, m both racial beliefs and actions, and the bring out of sla really.\n\n Today, thither argon places easy-nigh the world where on that point atomic number 18 startling simi larities of how women ar ill-treat in Atwoods novel. Women in the land of Gilead be devoted(p) little to no rights. They are to obey what the men ramify them to do, or their Aunts. But even the Aunts look at roves from the men. When I verbalize women, I generally blotto the handmaids of the Republic of Gilead. So in that respects, the women are non permitted to read, write, or arrayicipate in any type of extra-curricular activities. Some activities that they are restricted from performing are smoking, drinking, and playing the game of Scrabble. The handmaids moldiness cover their bodies and faces almost on the whole with vales and wings. These two additions are a part of their everyday attire. Similarly, in Pakistan, Iran, and some South Asian countries, the complete covering of womens bodies is a strictly implemented requirement. The only part of the personate exposed is the wo compositions eyes. Furthermore, in The Handmaids Tale, the women such as Offr ed are forced to go through and through the devastation of The Ceremony. These poor women outhouse be apply by their Commanders, which in our society is know as pillage, and nonhing arsehole be dresse about it. If she goes to someone to tell or for help, she is usually non believed. In most cases, she would be punish for making such accusations, and if the accusations were false, the egress is death. This sort of action and persecution takes place in respect to the women of Pakistan, Iran, and early(a) countries. For physical exertion, in Pakistan, women suffer be raped and then be the one who is accused of committing an iniquitous crime. Unless there is full evidence that there was no consend, the man leave behind get off free. The woman will be charged with pre-marital sex and be sentenced to a prison term. In some countries, the police turn in the right, without any circumstances, to torture and rape impoverished women for unnecessary reasons. \n\n The w omen of the Republic of Gilead belong to the men and were seen as material items. They were seen as situation with one reason for life history, non human beings with feelings. For example, in the countries I stated above, the women belong to their economizes. The husband can tell his married woman what to do and order her or so like she is his slave. If the woman doesnt obey the requests and orders, he legally has the right to do what he wants to his wife. She has absolutely no accountant over her life. Which leads to the one and only reason for the handmaids lives. They are there to multiply babies. Usually, we would say re kick upstairs fryren, but once that cocker is born, it no longer belongs to the handmaid. These babies are passed over to the Commanders wife. on that pointfore, I would not go through the baby a child of the handmaid. There is some other crouch in this idea of reproducing. The babies essential be double-dyed(a), if not they will be killed. Almost two-thirds of the babies are killed because of imperfections. In countries of today, many a(prenominal) babies lives are taken due to defects or because they are just not wanted. Many developing countries experience restrictions and rules families must follow and one of them being how many children individually family can support. Within this rule, it in addition states the number of male and females than can be born in a family. For example, some countries preceptort want boys at all and some dont want girls at all. In China, if the first-born child of the family is not male, the child is killed. This is yet another reason for the slaying of transparent lives. \n\n In the Republic of Gilead, there were many racist beliefs about the different cultures and groups of individuals. The leaders of this false world remind me and are similar to Adolph Hilter. They both take aim or had dreams of the perfect world. Gilead evacuated all of the Jews in hopes of making the perfect world. If they refused to leave, they were shipped to the Colonies, where they would eventually die. The Colonies, themselves, are similar to the concentration camps of the Holocaust of WWII. Jews and many other ethnic backgrounds were sent to these camps, where they eventually died too. The African American race was also not considered of having perfect qualities in each society. In Gilead, for example, they were killed or shipped of to the Colonies on with the Jews. Hilters view showed that he was a man of no feelings, he had them all executed. another(prenominal) classified group of individuals was homosexuals. incomplete society accepted these people as well. The punishment in Gilead was often termination of life and they were hung on the Wall for everyone to see. Hitler, of course, say for them all to die, even if they appeared to be from the Indo-Aryan race. Furthermore, both worlds used women as a make ground. Many of the Slavs, Poles, and even German women that werent worthy of the Aryan status were used in this process to keep the existence going. In The Handmaids Tale, women that were in their second conjugation and other women the men considered imperfect, were sent from house to house to produce healthy babies to be given to the Wife of the Commander.\n\nThe Colonial American era was a loaded time period, where thralldom was an abridge. discolour people were very prejudicial to blacks. The idea of superiority and get off status was a major doer behind these unfair beliefs. Whites position of themselves as superior to blacks and that blacks were suppose to decide to them. Also, there was the spirit that blacks had no feelings or emotions; that their intragroup souls or hearts werent made the same as whites. Mostly in the South, the issue of slavery was very well known. Farmers, who were white folks, used blacks to ply on their farms and do the noisome work. Blacks in general had to ans wer to the orders of whites during this phase in history. There was absolutely no laws stating that everyone is equalise and should be treated equally. This is very similar to the slavery of the women in The Handmaids Tale. every of the women of a household are some form of slaves to the men. The women must answer to the men and complete the commands given without any objections. The Marthas arrange the household. They make the food and lightsome the house. The handmaids serve as a walking womb as I stated rather in this essay. Their only mapping in the Gileadean society is to reproduce. The wife serves her husband the Commander. Another example of slavery is the women of Jezzebels. They serve as personal sex slaves for the Commanders because they are not to have sketch relationships with their wives. Looking deeper into the Republic of Gilead, there is even slavery of the cast down class men. Nick was of the lower class status and had no freedom, just received orders and chores from the Commander.\n\n The Handmaids Tale whitethorn be a pretended story, but it definitely epitomizes the authenticity of the real world. Every feel of the novel that makes it a dystopian narrative can be found in the one-time(prenominal) or in the constitute around the world. The mistreatment of women, the killing of innocent babies for the good of the state, the senseless removing and killings of non-whites, and the racist beliefs and actions, which lead to the issue of slavery are all part of the three main points that were describe earlier. All of these themes are in our world, the real world. Margaret Atwood has created a story that really isnt a story. As I have proved, this imaginative tale is not so impossible. We are living in it!If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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