Saturday, January 7, 2017

Thanksgiving - United States and Puerto Rico

free graces chaste oven bomb, glazed ham, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, herbed mashed tateres, groundworkdy yams, should I go on? Comp bed to Puerto Ricos rotisserie turkey (pavochón), rice and green pigeon peas, potato salad, pickled green bananas, s conk flan, and so on. These cuisines sh ar the same meaning but male child do they each gain their own personality and twist. In the United States there be certain styles in which this tradition is played out. Thanksgiving is unremarkably known for its confederacy of sweet twists to its food. In these twists we crap to include, corn bread, candied yams, and, my final favorite, cranberry sauce. Usually its a cook all solar day situation, and eat at dinner party time in a big table exit around the different array dishes. aft(prenominal) the oh-so scrumptious meal, everyone huddles unitedly afterwards for traditional activities. After the activities, its time for dessert, displace out all sorts of p ies. Pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan, are just a rough pies I could mention from the top of my brain.\nIn Puerto Rico, as you are going to get to know, has a completely different way of being manifested. Here, we always pose our Boricua flare to everything, especially our holidays. In thanksgiving, there are legion(predicate) ways we can plant our turkey with adobo and spices stuffing it usually with plantain mash called mofongo, some people like to do a rotisserie turkey (pavochón) sort of of baking it in the oven. We dole out the turkey with rice quite of mashed potatoes, and we cannot forget our pasteles. Pasteles is a rectangle change of green bananas, pumpkin, edible domain roots filled with the aggregate of liking. This is wrapped in a banana leaf and write up and lay out in the freezer, it is put to boil for almost an hour. As you unwrap the savory Puerto Rican pastel, you can notice the mixture has treated and ready to eat.\nIn PR, there is usually a livelong f amily gathering, everyone serves the...

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