Sunday, February 5, 2017

The 2014 Olympic Games and Human Rights

The winter Olympic Games in Sochi had rightful(prenominal) finished and it was the most high-priced Olympics ever. Why they were controversial and caused perfervid discussion concerning military man rights? both day we could read discussion and articles just aboutwhat criticism of organizing Olympics in Sochi, especially because of violating human rights and non-democratic governing in Russia. The main enemy was focused on laws, which take a hop human rights and which ar broadly common and fundamental in democracy. One of them was law against gay, lesbians and bisexual. Their rights are out of interrogation in Russia. Another hot subject was pursuit of journalist and media in general. As I already mention, Sochi was the most expensive in history of Olympic Games, so on that point are concerns about corruption, environmental damage, exploitation of external workers, expropriation of land without adequate compensation, etc..\nWhat was the response of public, politicia ns, sportsmen and organizations involved in defend human rights? Some politicians and sportsmen ostraciseed games and some organizations came out against organizing games in Sochi. Do you think it is right and excusable? Is It appropriate way how to depend it and show own attitudes? I know it is hard to say, because it depends on certain circumstances. Basically in my cerebration just boycott is not a fair solution, because Im a sportsman and I like sports. I withal think that sport is a perfect tool how to counterbalance against violating human rights, because it is unique number when nations from all over the populace meet and compete in meaningful and peaceful way. It is in like manner opportunity for promoting and have a bun in the ovening human rights, mutual understanding and respect. So politicians should come and give support their representatives.\nOn the other hand, I must admit that there can be situations such as war, when boycotts are average and well-foun ded. Very important question is, where are Olympic Games vatic to be held? In my opinion Olympi...

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